Love Story Film

Love Story Film

Do you want to have your own love story film to describe your love journey?


We believe that love isn’t just bloom on wedding day, It flows between two of you in your simple daily life. The good morning & good night message, the ironed clothes, he always walked at the side that closer to the road to protect you, the dinner that always warm when you come back from work. Every timing when love blooms are different and every journey worth to be records.
Wedding is a day event but love is a life long journey. Do you still remember the details when your love blooms?




Joo Khong & Jia Ye - 稳稳的幸福



“因為想要有屬於我們的微電影。記錄下為什麼我們從相識到相愛一路走來,到現在終於決定要攜手到老。這段短片除了我們自己作為收藏以外,也可以常常提醒自己當初對對方的初衷。面對未來確實很長很長,人總是很善忘,每一對情侶經過長年累月的現實生活的各種洗禮,我希望我們以後看回這段片段都能夠提醒對方當初的決心,一起走下去的初心。JK說以後我們的孩子甚至孫子可以看到我們如何相識到相愛“ — 嘉宜

Matthew & Caitlin - 平凡的爱

Great creativity to the director. Very helpful to create our love story video.
Strongly recommended. Thanks a million for making our wedding so special. 
Matthew & Caitlin

Sam & YeeLi - 11 years of Long Distance Relationship

“因为我遇到了一个video call从不缺席,我喜欢什么他也跟着喜欢,永远把我放在第一位的男人”

Sam & YeeLi

Surprise video by Jan Chin-不再讓你孤單

我内心在想:Wow, that’s true love! 我完全接收到那份爱。Jan给了我很大的感动,也给了我很多灵感,通过相机来刻画他们之间的爱情。

Ryo & Sze - 爱情·刚好 // 原创微电影

对的时间遇上错的人, 错的时间遇上对的人
“We just had an amazing and perfect wedding, and we are truly grateful
to have engaged Momentous Motion Pictures for our wedding cinematography.
The very professional young creative director Joey and her partner Sean have deeply impressed and
surprised us throughout the shooting journey from our love story to the actual wedding day!
The quality of work they have is far beyond and higher than our expectations.
Joey and her partner/team have contributed wholeheartedly and endlessly in making our videos perfect!
Our tears was really streamed down while watching back all the videos…No joke here!
Both love story and actual day video are masterpiece!
For those new couples who are reading my review. We were once doubt
before engaging them, but from the day we met up with the director Joey,
and working together with the team along these few months,
we felt that we would have regret if we didn’t engage them.
Not only because of their high quality of work, the wedding package is worth
every cent as well! So if you are looking to have a great life time memory in your wedding
without leaving any sigh or regret, Momentous Motion Pictures is the best choice!
Joey, words cannot express all of our gratitude to you and your friendly partner/team. You are the masterclass director!”
from Ryo & Sze

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