Regarding Love

Is marriage just a ritual?
But it’s love brought you into marriage!
We used to talk about we can understand each other by just a look, need not to say anything
But, sometimes, there is something good to say it out loud. It is a best day to tell each other how do you feel. Who know? Give each other a big hug, show your craziest love to each other! Love doesn’t wait!
We have been together for long, we are like family?
Don’t turn love into family, you will lose your “heart beating” by just saying that. What’s bonding each other together for so long? It is love!
We are busy in taking care the wedding, we can’t feel a thing about love.
The most important thing of a wedding is you, it’s all about you and within you. It’s not anyone else. Don’t forget yourself & your feeling.
What if my wedding is not perfect?
Don’t worry. Things happened. But that’s the things that made your wedding special & memorable! Let’s not focus on other things but take a deep look at the peoples around you, that’s where you find connections, that’s where you find heart beats, it’s warm!
The real you vs the performing you
There are a lot of time people tent to wear a mask to facing their life, they hide their feelings, or they convince themselves they have no feelings. But when you felt in love, where is the real you? How do you feel about love? Only the real you can make your wedding and your wedding video to be true. True & real is the essence of a wedding. Don’t you want to watch this video after 20years and recall all the real moments?

Regarding Wedding

SERVICE- Is a wedding video a MUST or maybe?

Some say picture is worth of thousand words. But we say video is worth of Million words. Sometimes a static picture is difficult to express the moment of that particular time, but a video is able to deliver the right essence and memory to the couple(only if you get the right videographer). And during that day, there are so many things happen around and the couple are not able to know what really happen on both side or the before and after until they see the full version of their wedding video.

A good testimonials will make more sense to you after you read it.


SERVICE- Professional VS Amateur

Filming a wedding is not just walking around with a camera to capture funny stuff. It’s to put all piece of moments together to become a ‘signature movie’. A professional cinematographer is like an artist, by documenting down the right angle, lights and moments to create their own master piece. And that is where you feel a lot of essence from that film rather than looking at a normal documentary style video.

SERVICE- Price VS Value

A professional cinematographer is also a Master of creator, to produce a unique video JUST for YOU! Through that film, it deliver the exact moment and essence of feeling that the couple present on that special day. Yes, the price is worth for the value and we even under rate our price so that we can reach out our passion to more couples. And for sure, we will NOT giving cheap product to customer. We choose the song and plan for the video before wedding day, we find the best angle and lighting and always alert for surprise moments, we create a comfortable space for everyone in the room so that they won’t feel uncomfortable being film and they can react naturally through out the day. What we provide is not like a product, the value we provide is unseen.

SERVICE- What is the difference between engaging 1 cinematographer or 2 cinematographers?

During a wedding ceremony, there are so many different moments have to be captured either from parents, relatives or guests. A cinematographer can only focus on the couple, sometimes even only at the groom or the bride side. But with 2nd videographer, we can have more different angle and moments that happen around to be captured. And have more ‘ingredient’ for the final master piece.

SERVICE- How do I deliver my needs on video to the cinematographer?

After engaging the service with us, we will set an appointment date with you and go through all the needs you want and discuss your actual day schedule, so that our cinematographer will plan ahead about the idea.

SERVICE- Do we choose our own music for the wedding video or just trust you?

Yes and Yes. You can choose your preferred music(A theme song that is an anchor for both of you) or you can tell us what kind of feeling you want in your wedding video so that we can propose it to you. And of course, our bottom line is, as long as the music doesn’t interference with the editing process and the finished story, then we are ok to use it. 

SERVICE- Can we tell you what we want in that video or we just trust you?

Yes and Yes. Our team are professional and of course you can tell us what you want and leave the rest to us. Or we will propose ideas for you to decide what kind of feeling and style you want in your wedding video. 

SERVICE- When will we receive our wedding video?

Same day edit are obviously you will get it on that day, and a complete highlights(with night dinner moments) and full version video you will get it within a month after your wedding day. 

SERVICE- How long should we booked you for the wedding day?

You can choose to book us for half day(morning/night only) or whole day(morning + night)

BOOKING- How to confirm a booking?

Minimum down payment for deposit is 50% for booking. The remaining balance is payable 2 weeks before the wedding date. If fail to do so, is not consider a secure booking and we will not show up at the actual day. Plus the deposit is not refundable and transferable.

PAYMENT: Is my deposit refundable?

You will notice in our quotation that it states your deposit is non-refundable. We understand that things happen and there may be an instance where your wedding is called off or you want to back out. Please understand BEFORE you book us that your deposit is not refundable under any circumstances. Please make sure you understand the entirety of our quotation(contract) BEFORE you engage us (the same goes for any vendor you intend to book for your wedding). If there is anything you are not in agreement with, those things need to be addressed before you engage us.