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Nicholas & Themis ~ 慢慢喜欢你

“Joey & Moon, we were so touch by your video.
Every time we watch it, our tears will never stop rolling down.
Thank you for helping me to pass my message through this video…That is exactly what my heart is feeling…
Well done, good job.”

Nicholas & Themis

Short Film

Do you want to have your own short film to describe your love journey? Wedding video no longer focus on actual day only but all the moments that you have gone through together since the day you both met.


爱情 · 刚好

对的时间遇上错的人, 错的时间遇上对的人


很幸运为 Ryo Ho 和 Sze SzeSze 拍摄了这部爱情微电影。

Surprise video by Jan Chin-不再讓你孤單

还记得那一天在咖啡厅,听Jan分享她和Key之间的爱情故事。看着她聊起爱情,那幸福洋溢的样子。我内心在想:Wow, that’s true love! 我完全接收到那份爱。Jan给了我很大的感动,也给了我很多灵感,通过相机来刻画他们之间的爱情。 时间一天天的过去,画面一片片的拼奏,成了今天这属于她们的“专属回忆”。他们的故事,从一把钥匙开始…..

Wedding Cinematography with Love Story

Our special Wedding Cinematography with a short Love Story to make your SDE more unique~~ Please contact us to design your unique and private Wedding Cinematography

Matthew & Caitlin ~ 平凡的爱

Great creativity to the director. very helpful to create our love story video. strongly recommended. thanks a million for making our wedding so special. 😘😘😘

Matthew & Caitlin

Ryo & Sze ~ 我结婚了

“We just had an amazing and perfect wedding, and we are truly grateful to have engaged Momentous Motion Pictures for our wedding cinematography. The very professional young creative director Joey and her partner Sean have deeply impressed and surprised us throughout the shooting journey from our love story to the actual wedding day! The quality of work they have is far beyond and higher than our expectations. Joey and her partner/team have contributed wholeheartedly and endlessly in making our videos perfect! Our tears was really streamed down while watching back all the videos…No joke here! Both love story and actual day video are masterpiece!

For those new couples who are reading my review. We were once doubt before engaging them, but from the day we met up with the director Joey, and working together with the team along these few months, we felt that we would have regret if we didn’t engage them. Not only because of their high quality of work, the wedding package is worth every cent as well! So if you are looking to have a great life time memory in your wedding without leaving any sigh or regret, Momentous Motion Pictures is the best choice!

Joey, words cannot express all of our gratitude to you and your friendly partner/team. You are the masterclass director!”

Ryo & Sze

Jan & Key ~ Essence of Love 爱在当下

“我只能说……遇上你是我们的福气!一生一次的人生大事一定要有一班最专业的团队!感恩。感谢。感谢Is such a big pleasure to hv u n team, super professional n wonderful team helped us store all beautiful moments. Grateful~” Jan & KEY 

Sheun & Audrey ~ You are my candy girl

Dear Joey and Moon,

You guys are awesome! The whole long day of filming is not an easy job. We respect all of your hard work and dedication for both our love story and actual day wedding. So glad to have known you guys and engaged your work for our wedding. All of the videos were so beautiful and touching, you captured our personality, character, happiness and love. You make any bride and groom look dashing and beautiful on the wedding day. We felt like a movie star!

Thank you so much Joey, we really love your work 100%. We appreciate everything that you have done for us, we especially enjoyed the day we get to hangout with you and Moon. All of the memories from the day trip to Bukit Bintang, carrying all the heavy camera props, being chase by the security guard at Pavillion , then playing in the grocery store, then running on muddy grass in Lake Garden under hot sun, all the boomerang shots, all of the raw videos, the final cut and the beautifully decorated box, dried leaf from lake garden( this is so meaningful) accompanying the pen drive of videos.

You are going to go far places, I sincerely wish you all the best in your future.

Please let us know if you visit us!

Take good care! We love you!

Audrey & Sheun

Benjamin & Evangeline ~ The day has finally come

” Joey and her team were the perfect addition to our wedding. They were extremely precise and detailed, and went about capturing the emotions of what we went through, and what we wanted for that day. Their cinematography and attention to detail, coupled with a professional need to ensure they get the right shots, truly enables them to stand out from the rest. Our only regret was not hiring them for our wedding dinner as well. Thank you so much for your help, and for making our wedding that much more memorable in the years to come.

Ben & Eve

Wedding Cinematography

Life is a collection of moments, and we are the collector. We collect moments from your actual day and demonstrate it to your personal story.

Chung & Joyce



– Joyce & Chung

Terrence & Angeline ~ angelsterrytales

“If you ask me to choose again, will I marry you?
The answer is absolutely yes.
And if you ask me how much I love you,
I love you 3000.”
– Terrence

Felix & Virginia

“It was so lovely to work with Joey and her team. They understand well with our brief and always provide additional supports and ideas to us throughout the process. One of the thing that amazed me the most is momentous motion pictures gave us an excellent cinematic feel to our wedding video, no other studio can archive that standard. I will definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for unique video for their wedding. Five stars for me 😊”

-Felix & Virginia

Justin & Francine

Anthony & Kiyo

Renfry & Angel ~ Love Conquers All

As a bride, it is my pleasure to write this review. We came across so many wedding videography websites and it was hard for me and my husband to make decision on choosing the right one. Suddenly, we found MOMENTOUS MOTION PICTURES. Its products are so impressive and adorable so I immediately chose her without a single doubt.

On my big day, Joey and her team were an absolute pleasure to work with from the beginning and made the process incredibly easy. With every shot, Joey made us feel at ease and gave amazing direction when we didn’t know how to make the poses. They were professional, enthusiastic and they truly have a knack for the small details. All aspects were captured, including the joy, excitement, love, nervousness and support of all those involved. My husband and I felt pretty awkward to be in front of the camera, but the team worked so efficiently and blended so well into the content that everything went natural.

THE BIG SURPRISE was the SDE VIDEO. My faith in Joey and her team,’s abilities couldn’t have been more correct. They gathered every scenes and special moments seamlessly, and not in a dry chronological sequence (preparation, tea ceremony pictures, gate-crushing session, shot of bridesmaids & groomsmen etc.) Joey added fruitful moments that she knew would be dear to our hearts. (And the background music is perfectly matching with every spot of scenes.) What’s more, they worked so well with all my other vendors and as a team really helping one another out.

We have no idea on how to thank Joey and her team enough for making our wedding such a memorable day and something we will never forget for forever. I truly enjoyed having them as part of our special day. Again, thank you so much JOEY & ORANGE for making our day to become a romantic movie that I could never ever imagined. You guys are THE BEST OF THE BEST!!!

Renfry & Angel

Joe & Pink ~ I can be myself when I’m with you

“This was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. The day goes by so incredibly fast, that without a video, you would be surprised how much you missed or even forgot. I am so happy that we get to reminisce and relive such a special day.
Joey and her team, Xiao Ming were fantastic, accommodating to all our crazy needs. They were pleasant and very fun to work with. They met all our needs and understood what we wanted and went beyond to make our wedding like a dream come true!!! On top of that, Joey paid so much attention to detail, within every aspect of the video.
So much amazing footage were captured, and when it was played on our Chinese wedding dinner, we received nothing but positive comments that made us so happy and proud !
Very excited to look back on this video for the rest of our life.
Thanks Joey and team.
Keep up the amazing work and we wish you nothing but the best.. xoxo”

Joe & Pink

Lex & Julian ~ Forever Always

子根欣盈 · 一生相伴

Kelvin & Amanda ~ 分分钟需要你

Patrick & Tracey ~ You are my home

Sam & Maggie

Peter & Manny ~ Bring me close

Colin & Babita

Yang & Jess

"Joey did a great job for our wedding video. Though it was a challenge to capture so much going on during an interracial wedding, more so an outdoor wedding in a garden, she manage to produce a heart tugging outcome. Thanks once again. Loved it!  "

Yang & Jess

Tung Meng & Yee Ling

A huge thank you to Joey and team for the wonderful memory you captured for us. We really loved our video - everything was perfect. We were glad that Momentous went to great lengths to ensure that we were comfortable at all times and fulfilled all of our requests. Thank you!  will definitely recommend Momentous to anyone who's looking for a wedding videographer 

Tung Meng & Yee Ling

Soon Yao & Yuin Yee

Husband and I 100% satisfied on our video that filmed by Joey. She is a very creative cinematographer. Outcome of the video is even better than what we expected. Thank you so much for the perfect video.

Soon Yao & Yuin Yee

Jeff & Win Sien

"Thank you so much to Joey for capturing the precious moment of our life and produce the video perfectly. We truly love the way you captured all the happy and candid moments on our big day and putting all the pieces together to create this memorable and flawless work. Our guests were so immense by your video and we were glad that this moment of happiness will stay on with us forever. THANK YOU SO MUCH JOEY for such amazing & brilliant work!"
Love, Jeff & Win Sien

Alexander & Cynthia

We still remember the day we arrived in Alexander & Cynthia wedding venue, we are surprised by the ROM decoration on the pool side of their condo. It was such a fairy tale scene when we saw Alexander & Cynthia walk down the aisle in the middle of the pool to do their solemn vow. We love how they said their vow & smile to each other. We love how classic the moments is in black & white scene. And we love how the music bring out the feeling of their love. So they are one, no longer two. 

Let's enjoy this wonderful wedding video presented to you by Momentous Motion Pictures.

Ze Kee & Cherlyn

"Thanks Momentous Motion Pictures.We were so impressed by the SDE video. The video not only presenting what had happened earlier in the morning, it brings out the scent of love and the touching feel too. Our guests were touched by the video, and this is what we want.Thanks Joey for filming such a touching moment on our wedding day and delivered us high quality service.

Something extra - We regret that we did not engage Joey for filming our dinner session
Once again, Cherlyn & Ze Kee would like to say:  Thank You Momentous Motion Pictures!! "

Ze Kee & Cherlyn

Owen & Shee Ying

"A big thanks to Joey,her video is superb.She definitely a professional videographer.Guide us from the beginning til the end.It was a sunny day and she still showing positive attitude.Truly professional.Feel lucky chosen her as my videographer."

Owen & Shee Ying

Yee Phang & Caslyn

"Very professional with great service from lovely team. Never regretted making this choice hiring them for our most important day. Really appreciated all the hard work from ur team.Will recommend them to our friends and family.Once again, thank you so much"

Yee Phang & Caslyn

Eldwin & Melissa

"Really glad we went with these guys! Joey our chief videographer was easy to work with and punctual. And the SDE video turned out great! 🙂 Thank you!"

Eldwin & Melissa